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The first thing group envision is the fact that, since there are more folk, then there has to be considerably gender

The first thing group envision is the fact that, since there are more folk, then there has to be considerably gender

The focus on sex by outsiders try distressing for James. aˆ?They simply hold causeing the big issue in what goes on in our room,aˆ? he mentioned. aˆ?My teenagers donaˆ™t see just what continues on in our bedroom. We rest. Every person sleeps.aˆ?

The household states Elizabethaˆ™s moms and dads is affluent and will still finance legal activities against all of them

Audrie and Ashley state they’ve strained relations with regards to moms and dads, just who furthermore usually do not agree of their connection. aˆ?My mother utilized the D-word to spell it out all of our partnership,aˆ? Ashley said. aˆ?She said it had been disgusting.aˆ?

Jamesaˆ™s ex-wife has recorded the next circumstances in Kansas attain custody of a couple of their biological kiddies that had been managing James therefore the group. Those two girls and boys are also taken from their home in San Antonio.

James promises that before their own appropriate problem started, the family ended up being financially safe. These days, these are generally stressed to pay the legal fees required to battle because of their young children. The household was using donations from an Indiegogo venture to travel to Kansas.

aˆ?[Elizabethaˆ™s mothers] believe that if they take the family from the you, it will probably separation our very own partnership and it surely will push [Elizabeth] to go back to Kansas together with them,aˆ? Audrie said.

aˆ?Our direction has been wear demo.aˆ?

aˆ?The simple fact is actually everyone knows no abuse or neglect features occurred,aˆ ? James mentioned. aˆ?This is actually entirely about you being a poly family members. The direction is being placed on test. It is really not right. There isn’t any hazard to your toddlers. Itaˆ™s only been a witch look in addition they forced me to the mark.aˆ?

James has started a Twitter web page that documentation the familyaˆ™s appropriate struggles. In a single videos posted on the web page, Audrie and James have emerged expressing their frustrations together with the latest circumstances. aˆ?None with this is really fair to anyone, but i do believe that itaˆ™s especially unjust for the young children,aˆ? Audrie states in the video clip. aˆ?These children posses a whole lot anxiety and worry on their plates that personally i think they canaˆ™t even be young ones at this time whichaˆ™s unfair. These folks have not only robbed united states of our liberty, and the privacy, and our children, but theyaˆ™ve robbed our kids aswell. And I also genuinely believe thataˆ™s junk. When you need to wreak havoc on myself, or [James] subsequently thataˆ™s one thingaˆ”but you donaˆ™t mess with young children. You only donaˆ™t.aˆ?

Despite minimal funding, the household plans to appeal the courtaˆ™s conclusion and fight each instance.

aˆ?I’m sure [Elizabethaˆ™s] moms and dads will place almost all their revenue and combat almost everything ways, also,aˆ? James mentioned. aˆ?Now, we donaˆ™t have money, but I have tenacity, and that I has love for my loved ones. Up to we donaˆ™t desire to be for the spotlight we’ve no alternatives. If we include quiet, then we get rid of anything. And what will happen to the next families they pursue? Some body at some stage in the years have to face up and state enough is enough. We have been merely everyone. We simply wish to be remaining alone.aˆ?

aˆ?we had been truly motivated by that,aˆ? Elizabeth included. aˆ?We believed might be they.aˆ?

However, a jury ruled contrary to the family members, offering guardianship to Elizabethaˆ™s moms and dads. Elizabethaˆ™s mothers bring since moved to Kansas. A judge keeps permitted your kids to go to their particular mothers unsupervised for as much as six weeks during the summer. During this interview, the youngsters had been checking out her mothers at their home in San Antonio.

The household goes against pointers to keep silent. aˆ?We were informed to cover up because our very own heritage arenaˆ™t prepared for the sort of connection,aˆ? Elizabeth stated. Even so they today still find it important to address misconceptions by what your family try and it is perhaps not. The four should make clear that they are perhaps not polygamists and are usually maybe not tangled up in any sort of spiritual cult.

aˆ?what individuals donaˆ™t understand or see scares all of them,aˆ? Audrie said. aˆ?For you to cover up, rather than appear and get truthful, and explain the specifics of how we all efforts and purpose along, it generates this fear and paranoia of our own partnership. Before, when we didnaˆ™t display that records, we learned that peopleaˆ™s imaginations just manage wild while they just be sure to placed pieces with each other. Itaˆ™s ideal for every person to come and start to become honest.aˆ?

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